Presbyterian Church

Member of the RPCGA

We are a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly. We gather weekly to worship our God according to the Scripture. You are invited to come and worship the Sovereign God of creation with us. Our church maintains the historic theology of the Reformation. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly. Our church is a family integrated church. We hold to the distinctive doctrines of biblical inerrancy, biblical creationism, and the free (unincorporated) church movement. We also are a psalm and hymn singing congregation.

Latest Sermon

JP Eugene : Enroe Andre : Kenneth Talbot : Jason Bradfield

Our Mission

The mission of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly finds its primary purpose in the preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the ordering of church government and the dispensing of the sacraments. The church has the responsibility to disciple the nations, teaching them all things commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of Christ, corporately and individually, is responsible for bringing every thought captive unto Jesus Christ, and the broader ramifications of this culminate in a world and life view which seeks to place Christ as preeminent in all things.

Honoring the Lord's Sabbath with weekly preaching, catechism, and communion.

~ Worship Service every Sunday @ 2PM
~ Meal every 2nd Sunday @ 4:30PM
~ Deacon’s Study every 1st & 3rd Sunday
~ Continuing Education Classes