What To Expect


Dress at Christ Presbyterian Church is diverse. The officers are required to wear suits and clerical collars, but you will see the rest of our members in casual wear and occasionally blue jeans and a t-shirt. We simply ask for modesty. Out of love for one another we strive not to say, do, or wear anything that is crude, rude, offensive, gaudy, or unchaste.  Modesty in manners and conduct is not simply a set of external rules, but the out working of a heart that truly cares about others before itself.  Good manners and conduct show that you respect and are considerate of others. They demonstrate that from the heart you put other people’s concerns and needs before your own.


We seek to maintain the simplicity and purity of worship as set forth by the word and example of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. We avoid any use of symbols or ceremonies in worship that are not ordained by God to be used as means of worshipping Him. Our Worship consists of Prayer, reading of God’s Holy Word, teaching, preaching, and the administration of the sacraments. The singing of Psalms and hymns, as well as the recitation of a Confession are done prior to the formal call. You can view and/or download our order of Worship here.

Since the Apostolic church celebrated the Lord’s Supper almost as often as they met for worship (Acts 20:71 Cor. 11:18,20,23), we also administer the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper at each worship service.  Because Paul warns us not to allow the ignorant, scandalous, and profane to eat of the Lord’s supper (1 Cor. 11:27-31),  all that would come to the table must first be examined by the session as to their understanding of this holy sacrament, their moral standing,  and their membership to a true church of Jesus Christ. If you desire to participate, contact us here.

Children in Worship and Infant-Communion

We are considered what some might call a “family integrated” church. However, this does not mean that we will necessarily look or act like some “family integrated” churches. The basic idea is that we encourage children of all ages to be with their parents during worship, including the sermon. At no time during worship are they asked to leave for “children’s church” or the like. We do ask however that if a child becomes unruly and/or noisy (crying, etc) that they be taken to the foyer where glass doors will help drown out the noise and not disrupt the preacher or those listening in the pews. Speakers are provided in the foyer so that you can still hear the preaching/teaching as you watch through the glass doors.

As for infant-communion, this doctrine is not taught or practiced, in any form or fashion, in this denomination. Any such violation will result in the immediate ejection of that individual, whether an officer or church member. Our position against infant-communion is unalterable as it defends our doctrinal understanding of the Westminster Standards’ teaching on communion. It is not so much the age of a person that is the issue, as it is a question of whether or not an individual satisfies and can demonstrate the requirements of Scripture, namely, that one must profess to be born again, and not be ‘an ignorant or scandalous person,’ and that, upon examination, his/her profession of faith be deemed credible by the Session.


There is only one level to our building and there are no stairs going into it.